About Me


As both a photographer and a painter, I am an image maker on two fronts. In my youth I studied illustration for two years at the Art Center College of Design. I then went into the U S Navy where I trained and worked as a photographer, continuing in the profession for several years after my service. That was followed by a twenty-eight year career in the computer world, designing and writing business software both as an employee and a business owner.

These days I am back in the image business and loving it. 

Photography satisfies my need for realism in my images while my painting has moved in a more abstract direction. Doing both gives me freedom to fully express myself visually.

I enjoy photographing a variety of subject matter as my portfolios testify. But I try to remember that there is a difference between the subject of a piece of art and the subject matter used to convey that subject. The subject matter might be a stand of aspens on a chilly October morning, but the subject of the resulting image will be the feeling I experienced there and, hopefully, that is what I convey to the viewer.

My wife Kathy and I live in East Texas, have three children, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. 

Thanks very much for visiting my site and I sincerely hope you find something that enriches your day.

Dave Bates


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